What Does a Real Estate Agent Do?

In addition to managing a client’s real estate needs, real estate agents perform administrative duties and hire assistants to help them leverage their time. These assistants focus on generating leads and marketing properties in the sphere of influence. As a result, agents can focus on real estate transactions. These professionals work with sellers and buyers to obtain commissions. They also conduct office meetings to develop contacts and build relationships. To find out more, read on.

MLS tour

One of the most important steps in selling property is posting a listing to the MLS. When posting a virtual tour to MLS, agents must not include any agent or brokerage information, blur the signs, and blur away the real estate office logos. Violating these rules can result in a fine. While most local MLS systems accept links from any video provider, NTREIS requires links from pre-approved domains. https://www.northwestrealestatesolutions.com/sell-your-house-fast-in-lake-oswego-or/



A good way to attract clients is to become an expert in the field. You can do this by attending REIA meetings and by sharing useful information on social media. To attract new clients, create an infographic or create a blog post and share it everywhere you can. You can also write press releases or articles about housing market trends. Most cities have a local newspaper or magazine. You can offer your services to the media in exchange for coverage.


An agent’s job includes negotiating. While it may seem intimidating, it’s actually very easy to learn the strategies for successful negotiations. Here are some tips to make the most of the negotiation process. First, it is important to understand what’s negotiable. Price is often a hot button in real estate. The buyer is looking for the lowest price, while the seller wants the highest. A realtor can help negotiate price to the middle ground.

Office meetings

If you’d like your team to achieve great success, consider hosting office meetings. These meetings allow team members to share ideas and learn from each other. Present your personal and professional background, along with your goals and opportunities. Then, challenge each other to find solutions to your problems. And don’t forget to thank the sponsor for their time and support! Here are some tips to create a powerful office meeting:


Representing client interests

A real estate agent must disclose to his clients his dual agency, and he must modify his services and information if he represents more than one client on the same property. This is an important issue, and one that differs across provinces. While it may not seem ethical to represent more than one client on the same property, it is important to protect the interests of both parties. There are many different rules and obligations associated with multiple representation, and an agent must abide by the laws of their province.



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